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Miami Commercial Real Estate Market Hotter Than Ever!

by Paul Silverstein on 10/13/14

The commercial real estate market in Miami continues to heat up. Even with increasing insurance costs, commercial property is in high demand. And although rents are rising, vacancy rates are decreasing.

Investors are scrambling to buy into the commercial real estate market in Miami. Many of these investors are attracted by the steady population growth, as well as Miami's international reputation. Miami's population grew to 2.4 million in the first quarter of this year, about 1% more than the same period last year. And while Miami is still the center of gravity of finance in Latin America, it has also been able to attract an increasing amount of investment from Europe. This has made Miami a stable investment destination, something upon which commercial property investors place a great deal of value.

In fact, investors in larger companies have been snapping up properties from smaller, private commercial real estate investors, which is also helping to boost the level of commercial real estate sales in Miami.

In addition to its stable investment environment, Miami has a number of advantages for investors, including a sunny climate, a beautiful shoreline and a robust international culture. This has made the transformation of Miami into a commercial real estate destination one of the fastest in the history of American real estate industry.

The wave of development has not only rebuilt the horizon, but also a number of neighborhoods throughout the city. If this continues, Miami will become more urban, cosmopolitan, and certainly richer. As this occurs, wealthy buyers from around the world will flock to Miami hoping to cash in on the trend.

But Miami is not just a destination for the wealthy. Thousands of condominiums and rental apartments at moderate prices were built by developers in Overtown, Little Havana, Allapattah and other neighboring districts.

If you ask where the best opportunities for investment are in Miami, the answer depends on whether you are looking for growth in the short or long term. Growth opportunities in the short term include the Design District, Wynwood, the Biscayne Boulevard corridor and some areas of Miami Beach.

For investors for long-term growth, sites such as Coral Gables, Doral, Pinecrest, and South Miami currently offer the best returns.

It is clear that many investors have confidence in the growth potential in South Florida. As people around the world continue to move to Miami, the commercial real estate industry should maintain its strength throughout the coming years.

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New Hackers Targeting Real Estate Companies

by Paul Silverstein on 09/25/14

A new hacking method targeting the handling of wire transfers is causing tremendous problems and financial losses in the Real Estate Industry. This new breed of hackers are intercepting and stealing millions of emails in search of 13 digit numbers, which is the standard number of digits in bank accounts.

Once the hackers identify these particular emails, they monitor them automatically for certain keywords common to Real Estate Transactions.

Once the target emails have been identified, they hone in on them and monitor all of the emails between the parties, essentially eavesdropping as details of the bank accounts and wire transfers are discussed.

When the Real Estate buyer is ready to wire their deposit to the bank, the hackers intercept the email and take control of the email stream. They duplicate the email attributes so they look exactly like the party who is supposed to legitimately receive the wire transfer funds. In fact, they continue communicating with the buyer so the buyer continues to believe that they are exchanging emails with the same entity.

To avoid suspicion, the hackers use the same bank that the receiving party planned on using, changing only the last few bank account numbers, which is often unnoticed. This way the wire transfer flows directly into the hacker's bank account without the buyer's knowledge, until a day or so before a closing, when the shortage of funds is noticed. Meanwhile the bad guys collect their money, close the account with the misdirected funds, and disappear.

In order to ensure the safety of wire transfers, many Real Estate companies have implemented a special security protocol. Each client that is about to receive wire transfer instructions must be contacted by phone to confirm the account numbers verbally before the wire transfer can take place. This is a cumbersome, but very necessary process to protect our clients from losing their money. The Florida Commercial Team are committed to ensuring this security protocol is implemented.

As Senior Vice President of RE/MAX Advance Realty, and President of the Florida Commercial Team, Paul Silverstein has been following the Real Estate market in South Florida for 30 years. Please feel free to contact him at 305-794-9773 for more information on Commercial Real Estate investments in Miami.


Miami is Becoming Miamihattan - the Manhattan of the South

by Paul Silverstein on 09/25/14

According to Paul Silverstein, President of the Florida Commercial Team, Miamihattan is the newest buzzword for the city of Miami. It is undergoing a radical transformation driven not by the discovery of oil or gold, but precious Real Estate.

Miami is the New Manhattan. According to Paul Silverstein, President of the Florida Commercial Team, Miami is in the process of becoming the Manhattan of the South! "Forget about the phrase World Class City," Mr. Silverstein said. "Miamihattan is the newest buzzword for Miami, which has gone through more boom/bust cycles than Donald Trump has gone through wives. But that is in the past, and it won’t be repeated in Miamihattan."

 What is most extraordinary is that this transformation, going on right under the noses of its citizenry, is happening at lightning speed. In the next five years Miamihattan will literally double in size. That’s right - double in size. This has only happened to cities in the past where boom-towns were based upon the discovery of oil or gold.

 And that is what has finally been discovered here; only Miami’s treasure is not oil or gold: its Real Estate. Hundreds of thousands of South Americans are investing their money in this stable, beautiful city, just in case their homelands become, or already are, unstable.

Europeans see phenomenal investment opportunities. Canadians see warm weather. Even Asian monies are now flowing into Miamihattan. Everyone wants a piece of the coral rock.

 This explosion will be most notable when the Port of Miami dredging project begins to reel in cargo ships the size of skyscrapers from the expanded Panama Canal in the next couple of years. It will be noticed when the major expansion of every major expressway has doubled in size. It will be noticed when the tunnel allowing freight to be hauled under Biscayne Bay on its way to the South and Northeast is completed. It will be noticed when millions of square feet that are now only footprints on coral rock rise to 500 and 700 foot high towers of residential, office and retail projects.

 And this growth spurt, this yeast like expansion, has affected not just the Downtown core. It has spilled over into cities miles away, pushing up real estate prices past the great real estate boom of 2000-2004. But this expansion and growth is fundamentally different. This growth is not governed by mortgage rates or economic cycles but by enormous amounts of cash. Mr. Silverstein noted that "buckets and buckets of cash have been and continue flowing into Miamihattan, the hottest city in the USA."

 When virtually every commercial transaction in Miami, and the majority of residential transactions, are paid for with cash, the likelihood by naysayers of a real estate crash becomes most unlikely. The past, in this particular case, is not a prologue of the future.


Mr. Silverstein is extremely optimistic about the city's future. "Like the Manhattan to our north, it appears that this doubling in size will just be the beginning of a multi-year, multi-decade of developmental growth and progress the likes of which this sleepy little tourist town, formerly known as Miami, has never seen before," he said. "It's time to get a piece of this commercial real estate rock before you can’t even afford the sand."

As Senior Vice President of RE/MAX Advance Realty, and President of the Florida Commercial Team, Paul Silverstein has been following the Real Estate market in South Florida for 30 years. Please feel free to contact him at 305-794-9773 for more information on Commercial Real Estate investments in Miami.

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